It's time for a change, Carroll County.
I Care
And My History Shows It
I am a native of Green Forest and spent my early years on a farm with my family north of Green Forest on Hwy 103, near the Yocum community.  I spent many sumers splashing in the icy waters of Yocum Creek with my friends.  My Mom and Dad were farmers, but also worked at the chicken processing plants in Green Forest and Berryville......Our family did not have much in the way of material things, but we had an immense amount of love in our home, plus a little needed discipline.  I also worked at the "chicken plant" during the summer following my junior year in high school and when I graduated from High School in Green Forest, a good friend and I decided to join the Navy.....He became a Navy SEAL (UDT), and I worked on an Admiral's staff on board several ships stationed in the Philippines and Japan.  All that helped me to evolve to where I am today.

  CITY OF GREEN FOREST, ARKANSAS                                                             2009-Present

Elected Mayor of a city of approximately 3000 with 86% of the vote and ran unopposed in 2010.  Took a city struggling with mis-management and was able to provide stability and leadership necessary to bring the city into the 21st Century.

DARDEN RESTAURANTS/RED LOBSTER, Orlando, Florida                             2000-2007

Director of Operations
Responsible for all restaurant operations, to include restaurants located in San Diego, Tucson, Yuma, Riverside, San Bernardino and Temecula, California, with yearly sales up to $35 million.
· Prior to appointment all restaurants were underperforming in all areas of operation (not meeting expected financial objectives as well as other critical measurement criteria.);
· Improved bottom line earnings from $1.6M to $2.8M in the first full year of supervision and received the Darden Award as the top performing Director of Operations in the West Coast Region;
· Received Darden Award during my second year in the Region by increasing earnings to $4.3M;
· Recently (June 2005) successfully supervised the opening of the new Red Lobster in Temecula, California.

MAMA’S FAMILY OF GREAT RESTAURANTS, San Antonio/Houston, TX              1996-1999

President and Chief Executive Officer
Responsible for all restaurant and officer operations in a company of 4 operating restaurants and a meeting/catering facility, with a total sales volume of approximately $10.5M per year.
· Reorganized the company from operational and administrative standpoint by rewriting all policies & procedures.  Re-engineered a new menu;
· Reduced cost of sales from 32% to 28% and reduced G&A expenses from 12% to 6%;
· Designed, supervised construction, negotiated contracts and supervised the opening of a new Mama’s Café in January 1999, which was the first new construction in 10 years for the company;
· Reorganized and restructured the senior management team which contributed to reversing 4 consecutive years of operating losses to an immediate 3 years of progressively higher levels of operating profit;
· Established new controls in both Operations and Finance and re wrote the Administrative Manual, Security Manual and Sanitation/HACCP Manual;                                                                              
· Authored the first comprehensive restaurant opening manual for the company.

DARDEN RESTAURANTS/ RED LOBSTER                                                        1975-1995

Director of Operations (1988-1995)
Directed a total of 12 to 34 restaurant operations in South Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Louisiana with an annual sales volume of approximately $100M. 
· Directed the opening of 15 new Red Lobster Restaurants bringing to a total of 50 restaurant openings.  Opened the first Red Lobster restaurants successfully in the state of Louisiana;
· Reduced management turnover in Region from 130% to 95%;
· Improved earnings by 30% during first two years.

Area Supervisor (1982-1988)
Supervised Red Lobster Restaurants in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia.  As an Area Supervisor I was responsible for 4 to 6 restaurants and was typically given the most challenging areas.
· Selected to be on the opening management team for converting an entire restaurant company in California (Seafood Broiler to Red Lobster), which was the first significant Red Lobster penetration in Southern California;
· Supervised the closure, remodel, re-training and re-opening of 6 restaurants as Red Lobster restaurants in a 6 month period;  I was promoted to Director of Operations upon the successful completion of this project.

Management Development Associate (1979-1982)
Developed and presented Management Development seminars for all levels of management within Red Lobster.  During this time  also was assigned to the Employee Relations/Government Relations department for a period of 6 months.
· Researched, created and designed the “Guest Hospitality Program”, which was presented to all executives and subsequently implemented company wide.  This program was also adapted to Darryl’s and to the Angus Barn Restaurant in the Raleigh, NC area.


University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
BA, Government & Politics
Graduate Courses in Management Communications


President, San Antonio Restaurant Association
Member, Texas Restaurant Association, President’s Council
Member, Texas Restaurant Association, Board of Directors
Member, Arkansas Municipal League
Member, Masonic Lodge
Chairman of the Board, Boston Mountain Rural Health Center
Chairman, Carroll County Republican Committee


I Care About Carroll County.
Equal Rule of Law.